by Tomiwa Makinde, on October 8th, 2021

(A documentary of an exciting moment visiting the beach)


Biking (Motorcycling) from Lagos to Araromi Beach, Ondo state was a wonderful experience. When I got the information from Kingsley during our exploring at the Re-opening of Iderehills, it sounded funny to me but I concluded that I'm interested but it was not until last week, I was given a call by kingsley Uzordon, asking me if I was still interested and I said to him "Experiencing new adventure is my orbit. I love to see unimaginable things. Biking from Lagos to Ondo State sounds so challenging but I'm going to give it a try."
We were six in number; Tola Gabriel, Jumoke, Wehmie, Ayomide, Kingsley and myself. The six of us created a WhatsApp group chat where we can communicate and pass information to each other easily. We drafted out a plan on how to achieve our goal, which was to camp at a Resort a day before and move very early the next day to avoid stories of lateness or delay.
Ohhhhhhhhh!! it was a wonderful experience at the resort.


We arrived at Villa Rica Resort on Wednesday around evening, so we could camp there and leave very early on Thursday. The camping fee per night there was 2000 naira. Kingsley set up our tent close to the beach, so anytime we get tired we can retire to the tent to have some few hours of sleep. But before retiring to the tent, we had some amazing fun. Which is because, among the six of us, we have two amazing entertainers, Tola and Myself, and we acted as MCs to anchor games, dances, and other activities just to make sure our night at the resort was not a boring one. We even visited the sweet-sensational aroma of a joint called Libra where we had our dinner, and the next day we were all set for our journey from Lagos to Araromi Beach, Ondo state.


From Eleko bus stop we entered a cab going to "Folu" after La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort which we paid 400naira each and within 45mintue to 1hr we got to Folu. We came down from the cab and saw bike men (commercial motorcyclists) rushing at us calling all sorts of names of different destinations Like Ikegun , Mosan and the rest until we heard someone called "Araromi" which was our destination. I was amazed to hear that; because it means we are on the right track.
The prices the bike men were charging was too much. We have to beat down the price because we had initially gotten the information that it was supposed to be 5000 naira to and fro. But finally, we ended up paying 8000 naira for two passengers on a to and fro journey. Then we set out on our adventurous journey to Araromi Beach.

Riding on the bike besides the sea shore was incredible. The sea breeze and the waves made the journey even much more interesting and fun. Seeing how the bike maneuvered to avoid the sea wave was fun too. In Fact, we enjoyed every bit of the ride. The cooperation among us was 100%and at some point we had to wait for each as the ride was going so as to avoid stories. We moved in unison as we've earlier agreed.
We got to a point where some fishermen stopped us and told the bike men to take another route through a village Called Mosan because the Beach water has covered the sea shore and moved upward to which he obeyed.
Finally, after some 1hour 20 minutes journeying, we got to our destination. But I was not pleased with what I saw at Araromi Beach.


Araromi Beach was derived from the name of a village Called "Araromi". The village was not too far from the beach, Which we visited to buy some snacks and water. Araromi is under Ilaje local government area, Ondo state.
The beach can not identified by a stranger because there is nothing like a symbol or a sign post to show tourists or visitors that they have arrived the beach. The beach was also not well organized, there is no tent to rest your head in. The only tent I saw was a tent which was already occupied by students and lecturers doing field work. In fact, there was nothing to show that you are at Araromi Beach. If not for the bike men, we should have passed the beach without knowing, maybe we would have heading down to a different location. But the beach sand is clean, at least fun to play on the sand. The villagers are peaceful people and very welcoming.

5. THE JOURNEY BACK ( the discovery of another beach in Ogun state)

Immediately we finished up our sightseeing at Araromi Beach. We journey back to Lagos. On our way back to Lagos, we found out that there was another beach called Ajumo Beach and Abagold Beach in Ogun state, Waterside Local Government. Although we had a stop over at Abagold Beach before we continued our journey to Lagos State.

It was indeed a wonderful biking experience. Which I would recommend to anyone that is not too scared to try. You sure would love it.

"Please when embarking on this journey, go with extra cash because the price of the bike to Araromi is not stable"

I'm Dennis Chukwuebuka Okeke AKA Onye-njem one of AFRICA your number one celebrity Tourist.