by Adebayo Anifat, on May 5th, 2022

The just Concluded FAM Tour organized by the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism and Culture went round 5 major divisions of Lagos State. In an interview with Tafina, Mrs. Lucia Ikediashi, the Founder of Irie Vibes Fest talked about the FAM Tour and how it can positively affect the tourism business in the State.


Can you kindly introduce yourself ma?

My name is Lucia Ikediashi, Creative Producer for Shimmers Production Services.
I am also the Founder of Irie Vibes Fest, a Reggae concert for Cervical Cancer Awareness.
Also an Environmentalist, and a Curator of cultural/spiritual tours.

What can you tell us about the recently concluded FAM tour organized by the Lagos State Ministry of tourism and culture?

For me, It was not just a tour around the 5 divisions of Lagos, it was a call to action.
Right around us are several attractions and tour destinations known by some, not by many.
In terms of cultural and artistic spaces, historic sites, art hubs to recreational and leisure activities, Lagos has got it all.
It is our duty as tour operators to intensify all efforts to continually position Lagos State as a preferred destination.


. Is Lagos State ready and capable of taking domestic tourism to the highest level?

Lagos has always been ready and capable. Over the years it's been one of the most visited cities by tourists from within Nigeria and the Diaspora. E get why!

The scheme of community-based tourism has already begun, with these visits to the different divisions: Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos Island and Epe. It lies in our hands to promote these diverse attractions and destinations to the world.
However, we can only ask that there is proper management and adequate infrastructure in these places, for us to give the tourist a positive experience.

Was the FAM tour worth the time invested?

Yes, it was.

Can it serve as a good marketing strategy for domestic tourism in Lagos State?

Absolutely, it's already working. From all the publicity generated during the 3 days tour alone, tour operators have started getting bookings to tour the places we went. Requests to tour Freedom Park and Badagry came tops for Shimmers And the reviews have been amazing.
The fact that we can cruise from Lagos to Badagry by boat makes the trip less daunting.


What are those tourist attractions sites Lagos possesses to have an edge over other states?

Freedom Park Lagos: there can never be another of it. Built from the ruins of the former colonial prison, Freedom Park is now a creative hub for performing/visual arts, home to the biggest art and cultural festivals. It's also a green space, for the freshest air within a concrete jungle.
This space is also a leisure spot offering the best music entertainment every week. With a food court for choice food and drinks, surrounded by nature and the coolest people.
We also have our beaches too.

How reliable are the security measures in Lagos State to ensure tourists' safety?

For me, Nobody can guarantee Security na God hand we dey o.

Do you think the government views tourism as a massive source of revenue generation for the nation?

Yes I do.


Will there ever be a time when Lagos as a tourist destination would reject visitors?

Lagos is a melting point for people from diverse cultures/traditions/ and personalities and upbringing. All coming together, living in love and harmony for years, I seriously doubt that a time will come when this will change. Visitors are always welcome in Lagos.

Where do you see Lagos in the next 2 years in the tourism world?

Going by the master plan the Honorable Minister has laid down to guide, on community-based tourism development and the ongoing training of 200 tour guides in the State, exploring and marketing these potential destinations in the next 2 years will generate huge revenue for all stakeholders involved.

What advice can you give to the Lagos State government to aid a positive advancement in tourism growth?

My advice is to make collaborations between tour operators and the ministry easier to attain. With the backing of the ministry, we can access facilities at a reduced fee thereby making tours more affordable for all to embark on.