About us

It is our hobbie in making our patronisers tour and travel fantasies a reality with full fun. We promise to always maintain giving best tour services

Vision Statement

To make Nigerian youth aware and enhance tourism potentials in Nigeria

Mission Statement

  1. To create a platform that helps the youth enjoy tours within Nigeria at a relatively low cost
  2. To promote unity amidst the youth while also passing moral and civil messages
  3. Enlightenting the younger generation about tourism and how to tap into the limitless opportunities
  4. To promote our local culture, tradition, food and tourist destinations so as to attract foreign participation
  5. To create a platform that helps to encourage and improve talent, leadership and communication

Connecting Tourism stakeolders together

If tour operator have tour package, they are chanced to register and upload the tour package so tourist can come subscribe .

Food vendors are permitted to register and list their food and prices so tour operator or tourist can patronize them.

Transport owners are privileged to register and get people to book their buses.

Photographers are welcomed to register and people can come check and book them to their trip. Photographers can upload their pictures for commercial use by graphic designer. Please understand that as long as you upload photographs, anyone can pick and use without giving credits

Nigeria Tourism Lovers Debate and Club (9tlc)

We organise debate competition about somethings in tourism and the winner go home with a price. The club initiative will run in secondary schools and universities, where we discuss Nigeria Tourism and explore some lovely destinations in Nigeria. We also organise online programs.

If there is anything you will ever need, kindly fill the lines below

Tour Packages

We present tour packages that give you best experience with maximum security guaranteed. You will love them. Subscribe

Strictly Wakawaka

This is designed to let tourist enthusiasts to explore new destinations. It involves every tourist holding their money and they all explore together. It helps reduce the cost (compared to tour packaged by tour operator) and also give the tourist abilities to meet like minds. There is a team on ground that makes the plan and advice the minimum budget to come with, which will include transportation (to and fro), accomodation and entrance fee to where all tourists will be visiting. You are not to pay the money to anyone and feeding is on you. The team will also advice the place to meet, how to get there and time to get there. Show Interest